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WOMG Lite Version v2.0 is almost ready!

Greetings, Legionnaires!

We have fresh news for all of you:

After many hours of drawing, coding, animations and coffee.... We are finally very, very close to finish the new and much improved version of the game: WOMG Lite Version v2.0!

That's right, the previous version went through several tests that allowed us to learn a lot and also inspired our development team to create a completely new experience. What are the differences? Many!

Improved performance. Improved graphics. Improved gameplay. Improved Coding. Improved gameplay experience. Improved notification system. Missions system. Complete reconfiguration of scenarios and sound management system. There is practically no aspect in which we haven't made adjustments.

The result? The game looks really cool, it's still completely free, and we're excited to show it to you all.

We'll be posting the release date on STEAM very, very soon, so stay tuned.

We'll be in touch!

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